I’ve been publishing essays on Medium for a while but I have decided to upload them only to Youngling & Feynman going forward.

There’s some SEO stuff (when duplicating content) and generally, for me, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore.

I love Medium as a writing tool but to read the latest essays you should go here instead:


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A lot of us are losing money right now.

My future revenue is down 15% right now. [1]

So how can we make the best of it?

I think a big mistake people are making is acting as if all money is vaporizing. That simply cannot be the case. …

I think it’s good that some founders have goals. I wanna increase revenue by X. I wanna grow my following to Y. I wanna increase the number of users to Z.

But these should function as ex-post measures that tell us if our strategies were effective.

Be mindful of Goodhart’s…

Because Covid-19 And Human (Ir)Rationality — Part2 is a complex essay, it’ll take a little while.

In the meantime, instead of leaving y’all with nothing, here’s a short riff one…

With COVID being the topic that dominates our media, it’s pretty hard to get away from.

While I’m not particularly interested in pandemics, I do find it an interesting and unique opportunity to observe human behavior.

There are a few things I’d like to discuss in today’s essay:

Most of us are intelligent or at least highly intellectual. [1]

But if we’re supposedly so smart then why are we so often unhappy?

Surely, we should’ve figured out a permanent solution to this problem by age 18. It doesn’t seem particularly challenging either.

Most of y’all know I happen…

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