Get Your Behind On Zoom

Youngling Research
3 min readDec 29, 2022

I had written a piece on getting more out of your writing online that I intended to ship today. But at the last second, I decided to write this instead.

Too many of you do not have enough leads.

Having enough leads will solve the majority of your problems.

Work with nightmare customers?

Enough leads allow you to be picky because you can only work with X customers anyway.

Customers are expecting too much of you?

I’d argue… no such thing! You’re simply not charging enough. Be honest. If you charged 10x more, would you still mind them asking what they’re asking? Guess what allows you to charge more… having more leads.

Not earning enough money?

When you close at a certain percentage, simply increasing the number of leads you have means you’ll close more.

Unsure about fundamental marketing things such as the price point, the pricing model, the audience (market segment), or your positioning?

Again… enough leads allow you to figure this out more easily.

More specifically, I’d recommend GETTING ON A MEETING.

Over Zoom or in person. In my opinion, there’s not that much difference except that Zoom allows for way more volume.¹

I have to admit that I didn’t do meetings in Youngling Research for anything that wasn’t $11,000 and up consulting. (Because, and this will shock you, I’m an idiot.)

But I’ve been testing it lately for YRC. Sweet Jezus, let me tell you the results are good.

I’m closing much more. Which is cool cuz I’m hoping to quit consulting. But more importantly… dude, I’m learning SO much.

Here’s why:

When you’re on Zoom with a person, you have each other’s undivided attention. When you pitch over Twitter or Email, they can ghost you for days or permanently, which makes it hard to deduce patterns.

Zoom also allows you to read facial cues. Does this confuse them, excite them, bore them? This allows you to tighten your positioning (how you explain what you do; your XY statement) much faster.

Zoom also makes it easy to tailor your pitch based on their budget. No money? Cool, perhaps my eBook works for you. Ton of money, perhaps 1–1 consulting. Medium money, okay here’s this thing called YRC.

It’s also much easier to get people to take action because of the social pressure.

This is something you MUST be ethical with, however, if you believe you’re genuinely helping them, then this is a great thing because it gets them OUT OF their own way! There are so many people who made a 2018 New Year’s resolution they were going to start a business, lose weight, or get out of their hometown. It’s 2023. They’re still employed at their job, overweight, and living in the same old house in the village they grew up in.

Lastly, and this is a big one. YRC is a big program with a ton of features and benefits.

  • The risk reduction methodology
  • The constant focus on implementation instead of knowledge dumpin
  • The live (in person) session
  • The optional office hours
  • The circle community
  • The lifetime access to go through it multiple times
  • The Hell Days
  • etc.

If simply can’t write that down over email/twitter and explain all the benefits because no one reads that wall of text.

But doing it verbally takes like 3 minutes. It’s nothing.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just send them to the sales page and have that stuff on there?

You absolutely can. But if there’s anything that’s a problem there, they’ll likely ghost you and you won’t know what the issue was.

Also, your conversion will be much lower. I’ve noticed that I’m getting the best results when the sale is practically done before I send them to the sales page and all that’s left to do is pay.

Remember… what is a salespage really?


So when would you use anything with scalability? When the unit economics make it more effective than doing it manually.

When you’re getting thousands of leads per day, you accept a shit conversion because the number of eyeballs on your salespage are so high, it doesn’t matter.

But when you’re getting 3 leads a day, you best be talking to them!

Phew… rant over.

Here’s what I want you to do.

Keep working (by a combo of fishing and farming) until you’re having 2 sales meetings a week (ideally every workday).

If you do that, you will get results.


[1] There’s some behavioral economics here with respect to the value of signaling but that’s completely irrelevant to us solopreneurs. Just do Zoom. It’s fine.