Proposal Structure


How do you write a proposal?

  • Intro + intro of options
  • Quote, not estimate
  • Scope
  • Excuse to follow up
  • Appraisal
  • Where are they now? A
  • Where do they wanna be? B
  • Why do they believe only you can help them go from A to B?
  • Options
  • Headline
  • 1 paragraph explaining option
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • What risks do you see based on the options? (E.g. option 1 is cheaper but has risk X. Option 2 is more expensive but mitigates risk X.)
  • What assumptions are you making? (E.g. Youngling Research assumes you have your shit together and will implement the advice. When I work with firms, I assume they have the resources to execute or outsource advice such as, for example, market research.)
  • List 3–5 risks and assumptions
  • Optional: Why us?
  • 3 qualifications. E.g. Youngling Research has been in the field of entrepreneurial science for over a decade and has worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in the field.
  • All the info they need to pay you RIGHT NOW.
  • 100% upfront. (Gives you something to negotiate aside from pricing.
  • Prices of each option
  • Expiration date of this proposal
  • Guarantees
  • Option checklist + signature


Set your timer for 15 minutes. Grab an old proposal and do your best to fit this format. Remember… DONE is better than PERFECT!
Some of you guys have been struggling with doing the homework and it’s cuz your minds are refusing to scale back the behaviors. I told you, behavior design is a sneaky sumbitch… it looks easy when you learn it but it’s super hard in practice because your mind knows all the tricks in order to get you to not do smth / do the wrong things. If you’re struggling to get going… hmu.


Write it in a tone of voice that makes sense for your company and the relationship that you have with the client. I generally do suggest making it more informal as opposed to formal. People have a tendency to morph into a different person when they’re doing business. Remember… you’re just having a normal conversation. Hey, you got a problem and money, I got a solution… do you wanna exchange the money for the solution?

Page 1

Hey [client],

Page 2/3


Page 4

Risks & Assumptions

  • You’ve already hired two cheap agencies and you’ve realized cheap is more expensive. They failed to do the work to a level that met your standards and you’re more concerned with getting it done well than getting it done as cheap as possible.

Page 5

Terms & Conditions



Entrepreneurial Science & Behavior Science

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