The Art Of Business, Where Science And Business Depart.

Arguably, replicating findings is one of the best tools we have in our scientific arsenal in order to test the validity of a conclusion.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy weren’t it for the pesky fact that our field relies on innovation.

So what makes business so complex is that it’s both art and science.

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that we go through traditional education by default.

In mathematical set theory, there’s something called the axiom of choice (AoC).

Taking one element out of each indexed Jar and using that to create a new Jar (set) with those elements.

Just like not knowing the existence of a choice function and invoking the Axiom of choice, we often can’t know the best way to proceed in business…

I want to end with an excerpt from the interview with Andrew Mason, the Founder and early CEO of Groupon.





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